¡Aprender Ya! - Learn Now!

In the first session, we make an extensive assessment of students’ goals, level, interests, and the type of learner they are. Some pupils prefer a more traditional approach focused on grammar and repetitive exercises while others prefer a more communicative approach based on conversation, interactive exercises, and spontaneity. Or they may prefer a various combination of different approaches. By making an analysis of this information, we can develop a tailor-made study program for our students. Then the fun starts! 

We encourage students NOT to be afraid of making mistakes, as errors shouldn’t be feared, they should be viewed as opportunities for learning and growth.

We believe in creating a good rapport with our students while implementing a relaxing ambient for our learners to advance organically. We also provide training in using online teaching platforms like Zoom. Our resources ranges from using videos, interactive exercises, presentations, news, student´s self made videos, podcasts, to online manuals.
Finally, there will be sessions to review students’ goals and achievements.